Human Life

Lush forests and snow-tipped mountains cover much of the Human realm. Winter is something they live everyday and the sunlight is a rare and much cherished occurrence. Recently a large group of humans have set sail for new lands in hopes of finding more hospitable conditions. To many’s dismay, the only thing they seem to of found was more suffering. Upon landing on the what later they found to be a sister continent, the natives there did not take to kindly to there new inhabitants.

Quickly and surely all the settlers who arrived were driven into slavery by the new race, the new race they call [[Spitzes-Ohr]], or the Pointed-Ears. More commonly referred to as Elves, the humans quickly found themselves enslaved to them as a less developed race. With now a hefty majority of humans under there control, the elves have taken to treating them as though they were less than a living being, giving them terrible living conditions and running them into there own graves on many occasions.

Recently, there has been rumors of a resistance force bent on freeing the humans from there oppression and striking revenge on there Elvish oppressors…

Human Society

Settlements of humans never reach more than a few hundred due to the constant moving around to accommodate the harsh conditions of the weather and ever changing landscape due to rock-slides and avalanches, which are more of a typical day than anything else.

Humans for the most part have a very nomadic life style. They live in small settlements with usually set in stone jobs for both the women and men in the villages. Men for the most part are usually the hunters and warriors for the village, while the women take care of the children and elderly and do most of the cooking and cleaning for the village. With the weather the way it is, attire for the humans is largely based around large amounts of fur and covering a hefty majority of there body. The men usually grow long beards and long hair to help with the cold harsh climate while on hunts, and wear cloaks and scarves to cover what there hair does not sometimes. Crude weapons such as axes, swords and spears are the primary tools for killing and hunting among humans. The most recent achievement in technology is the making of large scale boats able to traverse the oceans, something many wish they never created. Horses are a rare sight and most humans find themselves more attracted to much more hardier animals such as the very common and extremely aggressive bears. It is not a rare sight to see a large group of men hunting on bears not only for mobility for to use them as weapons themselves.

Magic amongst humans is a rare thing. Most of the wizards of the human realm are nothing more than tricksters or entertainers. Druidic magic is the most common form of magic throughout the human realm. While the humans have no set in stone form of government, most villages have an elder who helps govern there everyday lives. The village elder more than often is also a very powerful druid using his magic abilities to help the everyday life of the village from giving light and fire to giving water to those in need. It is also said that the eldest druid amongst the humans even has the ability to transform into animals.


For the most part, the humans worship the same God, the God of Nature and Wilderness, God’s Name. They usually pray before a hunt or before a meal to give thanks and hope that there are many more to come after this one.

Notable Humans
Kagdir Braknor


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