Kagdir Braknor

Eldest of the Druid Council - 'Leader' of the Human Race


HP- ??? AC- ??

Str- ?? Dex- ?? Con- ?? Int- ?? Wis- ?? Cha- ??

Fort- ?? Will- ?? Reflex- ??

Items of Interest: Wooden Staff,


From a young age, Kagdir had a natural talent for magic. During his childhood he enjoyed watching the traveling magicians and there tricks as they would pass through from time to time. Every now and then, he would try and get the magicians to teach him how they did the illusion or sleight-of-hand.

Later in his life, Kagdir met a man who would shape his life forever and help him become the man he would become later on. The man was a traveling wizard and when he first met Kagdir, he decided to teach him as much as he could possibly learn. For what reason Kagdir to this day still did not know, but he allowed him to become the mans apprentice. For many years the man taught Kagdir everything he knew about magic and about the world they lived in. After the man believed Kagdir had learned all there was to know, he sent him back to his village, saying that if there was anymore to be taught, he did not know it, and as such believed that he was ready to go back and pass his knowledge onto others. Unfortunately for Kagdir, the adventure back to his village was one not ridden with hardships, and as such he was swept up into a random avalanche, dragged down to a place he had never seen before. Trapped for days, Kagdir had to depend upon not only his new knowledge as a spell-caster, but also as a human. Eventually, he reached what seemed to be the last possible way out, a dead-end of sorts, but to his surprise, he was not the only one there. There, amongst the rocks appeared to be a small animal. White in the fur, at first Kagdir thought it to be some type of panther or cat. As Kagdir picked up a nearby rock in hopes of killing the beast before he had noticed him, his fears had come to fruitation as the animal stirred and turned towards him. But, to his surprise, it was neither a panther or blood-thirsty beast, but a small bear cub, that looked cold, and hungry. He quickly took the last of his food and offered it to the bear, who ate it with such haste, it had probably not eaten for many a days before then. Together, the two survived for what seemed like weeks until a small hunting party found them, near death and nearly frozen. From that day forward the small bear, later named Branamir, was Kagdir’s most faithful companion and friend.

In his later years, Kagdir started to take an interest in the nature around him, sooner or later learning magic from the trees and from the wind. He called these teachings Druidism magic, and passed it down to many different people. It was then that he formed the Druidic Council, a small council of humans who were not the rulers per say of the human land, but more of a guidance for the people of Tazzet.

His pet, Branamir , is a large albino bear, rare and exceptionly strong for a bear, Branamir has been with Kagdir since as far back as anyone can remember.

There are rumors that Kagdir is over a hundred years old and was the first human to become a druid. Many people also say they have seen two Albino bears roaming around the forests, saying that the second one is Kagdir himself, assuming the form of his faithful friend.

Kagdir Braknor

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